What Others Are Saying About The Cold Emailing System

It changes your mindset. Your brain gets re-wired in a way that bring positive results…and quickly. I used the email templates… Simply…it worked…I was like…this is Amaze-Balls freaking amazing good…it works! Holy SH*T! It felt easy. Like “what the hell was I doing before and where has this been all my life?!” I started getting meetings with bigger companies and I got them really fast. Getting to the right people. Getting that foot in the door.
When you’re used to 30-50 cold calls a day, talking with maybe 5-10 people, and receiving a lot of no’s, a claim of 90% success rate was almost too good to be true. I at least understood, however, that being skeptical has never directly put money in my pocket, right? I knew if I never tried anything different, I’d continue getting poor results. And this indeed looked different! Gaining initial contact with key decision makers — This was a huge challenge of mine. My clients are companies like Exxon and Chevron, etc… Even understanding who to speak with was a nightmare before this system. I’ve spoken with several SVPs now, and they’ve all been very receptive to helping direct me towards to key decision makers. These folks are generally then very open to discussion since there was some influence and structure upfront, versus the typical cat and mouse sales calls.
I was impressed with the detailed plan of how to connect and follow up with decision-makers. Cold-calling people over the phone is hard enough and business executives receive enough junk e-mail as it is that I was skeptical they would pay attention to a cold-email. I was having difficulty reaching a prospect that I had been trying to connect with over the phone for months… I watched the videos and took notes. (I started) Getting a response from decision-makers… I wasn’t expecting them to work at all… just under $2 million in transactions and that is just from one client that I picked up. It should not be too difficult to pick up over $4 million in transactions.
I read through the cold email training. The science and psychology seemed to make a lot of sense. If I was a buyer, I would probably respond to those emails. I tested out the cold email method on a few potential buyers and saw results. This convinced me to give it a try. When I first got the training, I instantly wanted to know more all at once. I did not want to wait for the next week’s training. I wanted to action. I began to re-tweak my 30 second elevator pitch over and over. The biggest challenge that I was able to solve using Bryan’s strategy was getting a conversation open. When I saw these strategies start to work, I was pretty excited. I wish I had learned this years ago because I would be in a very different position in my career. I immediately started trying to teach it to my colleagues at work… my response rate to cold emails is at 80-90% which is significantly higher than ever before
When I first used this email it was like magic. I only put about 2 minutes of my own effort into writing the middle blurb for the email. Even after sending I did not expect it to work… But of the 12 companies I sent it to, I immediately got 6 responses. It was amazing. It got me 20X the amount of leads with roughly the same amount of work. Without this email, I’d have probably gave up on cold email as a channel. Now its really the first consistent sales channel I’ve build and helped me get my business started… 100K of business has come to me using this email… This is still growing and working right now…  
The biggest challenge was being able to get meetings with high level executives. Cold Calling and our other email campaigns was not cutting it. We started utilizing the system right away, and we had so-so results. But we realized we needed to spend more time improving the elevator pitch. Hiring Bryan as a coach was very helpful since it enabled us to improve our elevator pitch. I think the potential is truly HUGE. As we continue to improve our pitch and targets I think we can really build a sales team around using BTE.

Carl’s Story

It Works…

I have closed one deal for $120K. A second deal is in contract for $120K and the client is already considering tripling the spend. There is at least $660K in potential deals from this program and that potential grows weekly.


The biggest challenge that these strategies helped me solve was reaching the appropriate people and breaking through the clutter to get those people to respond.

Justine Couvielos

It was unreal how fast they responded and the new meetings started coming almost immediately. I was able to get meetings directly at the brands. From my first list of prospects about east 60% of them were open to having a conversation or a meeting. I am optimistic that I will be able to at least double or triple my current sales based solely off the tools Bryan has given me.

Paul Ellis

"I started experiencing results. Getting super-busy CEOs and CXOs of SMBs to pay attention to what I was saying ... and act! In fact, someone recently shared with me that he rarely opens any emails that are not responses to his, and that there was something about mine that made him not only open it, but read it, click through the CTA link, view what I was showing and respond ... inviting me to a meeting! Amazing!!"

Sergiu Simmel

Before taking Bryan's course, I wasn't taking control of the sales process. I was chasing after prospective buyers, working on their schedule, and letting them string me along with false hope. Bryan's system teaches from the beginning how to go after the right clients, how to find the decision-makers and how to control the process from beginning to end. This turned sales from something I dreaded to something I enjoy--and am much more successful at.


I have closed the two largest sales of my career since I started using the method and my response rate to email has more than doubled.


I immediately started getting emails back… crazy awesome!


From 480k to 34million in sales in 1 year…

BizExpand doubled their revenue from $1m to $2m

Here’s Just A Few Companies That The BTE System Has Helped Close Deals With:

McDonald's Headquarters



Absolut Vodka








Home Depot




Best Buy

Moneygram St. Louis park Headquarters

Money Gram


Money Gram


Master Card


Western Union


Taco Bell


Bank of America





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Paul’s Story

Surprising Results

Bryan was a million dollar earner for me. He’s system works. Sales went up — Revenue… Plain and simple.

J. Scott

I was amazed when our response rate jumped to over 10% almost immediately. The strategies helped us sell into hundreds of big companies at the same time. We’re launching new products in a tough industry. Breaking down doors is hard and this system helped us save a fortune of time and money… blew my mind. I told everyone i know about the system.


I adopted Bryan’s cold emailing technique and I started to see instant results. I was getting meetings with high level decision makers very quickly so giving the Breakthough Sales upgrade a try was a no brainer. I take note when things are working for me! My revenue when starting the programme was $40,000 per annum – its now $100,000 and growing! The potential is unlimited if you do the work.


I expect to close over $1M in business over the next 2 years as a result (of taking the course.)


Comprehensive. Explicit steps on what to do. Good rationale on why. It is easy to waste a massive number of hours and to get extremely frustrated trying to develop a good cold email strategy. I designed a slightly customized version of the script to implement… Getting calls and in-person meetings with the largest names in retail is a total thrill.


Rather than go through my network – which takes ages – I go directly to the decision maker. I don’t have to ask permission from anyone. I don’t have to use my precious social capital which I’ve leaned on too much. I can do this and it’s not the end of the world if I get a ‘no’ from this or that CXO because there’s another one around the corner and I won’t have invested weeks in getting to them.