I want to introduce you to Carl Mattiola. Carl was an engineer in charge of Tesla’s website, but he quit Tesla to start his own business. Carl’s business ClinicMetrics has a software product which helps physical therapists improve their practice.

As he built up his business he hired sales reps, bought Salesforce, and built a phenomenal website. But he had one problem. He had no sales. He was an engineer. He had no experience as a salesperson or marketer.

He was funding the business on personal savings and if he didn’t start converting sales he was going to need to shut down the business. He was going to lose everything. Now he could always go back and get a job, but his dream was to be an entrepreneur.

Occasionally leads came in from the website, but there weren’t enough to keep the business afloat. The salespeople were great at selling themselves in the hiring process, but when it came time to sell his product they couldn’t convert the sales in the pipeline, perhaps because they didn’t do the little things.

Carl said, “I was working hard testing emails with very little results. I tried dozens of different approaches and they all failed. All had response rates below 5%. Eventually, I was so frustrated that I just wanted to try something different, so I gave the Breakthrough Email System a shot.

I was really skeptical that this type of email wouldn’t work for my market because most of my businesses are smaller. It seemed like it was designed for only big companies. So, I didn’t try using the email for about 3 months.

When I first used the system it was like magic. Even after sending I did not expect it to work. But of the 12 companies I sent it to, I immediately got 6 responses. It was amazing! It got me 20 times the amount of leads with roughly the same amount of work.

I’ve attracted HUGE clients with this and I didn’t even intend to email them. I had a process setup and my team emailed them automatically. Since then I started a campaign using this email to target the biggest companies in the industry and I have several of them in the pipeline.

It’s really the first consistent sales channel I’ve built and helped me get my business started. Over $100,000 of business has come to me using this email…I’d be confident in saying this could be used to generate over a million in sales.

I honestly felt stupid for not trying it before. It would have been so much easier if I’d tried it right away.”

Discover how an engineer with no prior sales experience sold his software to 125 different customers. (video)