Cold Emailing System FAQ’s

“Is The Pay Per Lead System Right For You?”

Frequently Asked Questions About The Pay Per Lead System

If you’re looking for answers to your most frequently asked questions — you’re in the right place. These are real questions that have been asked over and over again by people like yourself. This FAQ page will help you answer the ultimate question of whether or not the Pay-Per-Appointment program is right for you.

Q: What do I need to do in order to get started?

A: To apply for the program you click here to apply here.

Q: How long will it be before I start getting appointments?

A:  You should start to expect seeing appointments in your calendar at the end of 30 days.

Q: I want to reach CEO’s and CIO’s, do you deal with those types of people?

A: Yes that is our specialty.

Q: Do you go after small, medium or enterprise type clients?

A: We primarily focus on enterprise and medium size companies who can make purchases of $50,000 or more from you.

Q: What should I expect?

A: As we launch, we’ll actually schedule the meetings for you. You’ll give us times that you’re available, to take, or not take calls.

We’ll start by reaching out to 100 companies a week. You can expect anywhere from two to ten meetings a week after the first month. For the meetings, we typically expect half of them will have interest, where there’s a potential sale. But this will always depend on your product.

Out of those that have interest, typically 40% – 50%, will actually end up as a customer.  It’s going to really depend on the targeting, the customer, and your product because not all products will have as high a close ratio. If you’re selling something that’s much more of a commodity or you’re trying to get somebody to switch off of what they’re already using the close rates will be lower.

Q: Who is this good for?

A: It’s good for business owners or sales managers who don’t want to develop a whole team and try and figure it out themselves. It’s designed for people who just want the results. They want meetings with qualified decision makers and buyers. But they don’t have the time to develop the program.

Q: Who is this not good for?

A: This is not for people who don’t believe in investing in their business to grow their business. This is not for people with a brand new product, very little sales or an unproven sales process. It’s not for sales reps who are individual contributors or don’t have authority to make purchase decisions on behalf of their company.

Q: I have a new product or company that I want to use this for?

A: At this time we can only take on established sales teams and products. Here’s why, it takes a while to find out what the market wants. You can absolutely do it, but our best partnerships are with companies who have a proven sales process, they just need more leads. They don’t want to deal with the hassles of building and hiring a whole outbound team. If sales were a fire, they just need to pour more gasoline on the fire.

Q: How many companies will you contact?

A: To start we’ll contact 100 companies per week. Typically 20 a day, and as we ramp up, we could double or triple that number on a weekly basis. Our philosophy is not not blast the world. We target fewer companies that are more qualified, with more thought put into each message.

Q: How qualified are the leads?

A: Qualified means different things to different people. So it depends on how we define qualified. But the way that we define qualified is: the company and the titles of the people will be based on the target parameters that we agree on in the beginning of the campaign.

Now, regarding titles, titles mean different things at different companies. We defer to your target company and whose able to buy. If we contact a company and our target is the VP of Marketing, and they delegate it to the Director of Marketing then we would consider that a qualified lead, even if you only wanted to reach VP levels.

Now what won’t be qualified is if they delegated it to their assistant, or a marketing person who is in the first year out of school. That wouldn’t be considered qualified. But as long as the person is involved, and a senior level decision-maker it is considered qualified.

Q: Do you qualify them upfront? Do you have a pre call or something like that?

A: If they have questions, ask for more information, refer us to other people we handle all that. We also handle all the back and forth to schedule the meeting for you. But when it comes to calls, we leave that to you.

Q: What should I expect to close?

A: Take your normal close rate and typically these appointments will be a little lower. Here’s why. Depending on your source of leads they may be referrals, search or something with a higher intent to purchase. If you are reaching out to them cold we won’t know purchase intent. Don’t fret and think these aren’t buyers though. People are busy. Executives don’t accept meetings unless they are interested or have some sort of need.

Q: How much effort is involved on my part?

A: We will do all the heavy lifting but this is a partnership. You will be required to participate. Typically to get started it will take about 8 hours of you and your teams time to develop the emails, identify the attributes for the list and launch your program.

Q: I don’t have a list, am I expected to send you a list?

A: Nope. List development is one of the most important parts of the process. You wouldn’t think so but determining who you are going after is critical. List development is typically one of three scenarios

  1. You have no list – we develop it
  2. You have some companies on the list – we will add those companies to the list
  3. You know exactly who you want to go after

Q: Do I just give you a list of companies to contact or is it something else?

A: We will do the whole list generation, you don’t have to generate the list of companies or the email addresses.While we launch your program, we’re going to define the types of companies that we need to be targeting.

Part of the process of the list is we find the people, we find the email addresses,
we do the research, we write the messages, we send the emails. We also, respond to all the different inquiries and questions that they have and for those people that are interested, we schedule the meetings for you.

At that point, that’s where we hand it off to you to take the meeting.

Q: Do you call them?

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The fee structure is $500 to $2,000 per appointment plus a 10% performance fee for each sale. To get started it is a $10k deposit. If after the first month, you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your entire deposit.

Q: Is there a guarantee on the appointments I will get?

A: There’s no guarantee on appointments. Since it is performance based, and we don’t charge a retainer, we just charge when we deliver. That way, we’re completely motivate to deliver appointments. Since we take all the risk. If its not working for you, and you’re not getting appointments you won’t continue.

Q: Why do you take a percentage of the sale?

A: Here is our philosophy. We are focused on the highest quality leads. If we sent you 5 leads a month and all five closed wouldn’t that be better than 50 leads where 45 were garbage. Also wouldn’t it be better if those 5 leads would were for huge accounts and huge sales.

If 10% is too high, and you would have to close every sale to make this profitable. Then based on the economics we probably aren’t the right fit. I would recommend developing it yourself or finding a different lead generation company.

Q: What if I’m getting too many appointments?

A: If we start delivering too many appointments, so many you can’t handle, you can talk to your account manager to throttle the number of appointments each salesperson can handle. From what we’ve seen the most a salesperson can handle in a week is anywhere between 16 to 20 appointments. Anything beyond that would be like drinking from a fire hose.

Q:  What is your coverage in terms of geography? I have a set of companies in Brazil that could drive substantial revenue from your services.

A:  The system has been translated into six languages, but on a pay-per-appointment basis we only support English. If you are outside the U.S. here are your options:

  1. Bryan Kreuzberger can write the emails for you. ($20,000 a sequence)
  2. You can write them yourself and wing it. (Free)
  3. You can work with Bryan 1:1. ($1,500 an hour)
  4. You can take the Breakthrough Email System course.

Q: I have another question that you didn’t cover.

A: Any other questions contact

To apply for the pay-per-appointment program click here to apply here.