Cold Email Strategy Session

If this is your first time here — welcome!

If you are new to cold emailing you have three options to learn the skill.

Your First Option — Is To Learn By Trial And Error.

This is what I did.

If that is what you want to do here are my recommendations.

  1. Start by reading every article on this blog.
  2. Register for the free Breakthrough Email newsletter. This blog is new. There is a years worth of content on the newsletter that is not in the blog.
  3. Learn by doing. Start sending emails to your prospects. Learn by trial and error. When you don’t get responses, learn from the failure. Ask the prospect why they aren’t interested.

This method will take about a year of dedicated effort to become proficient. I define proficient as 25% meeting rate. It will take 2-3 years to become a master level. Defined as 50%+ meeting rate.

Side note: When I started there were no blogs or articles about cold emailing. It took me 7 years to refine my process. (Another example of the 10,000 hour rule holding true.)

This option is best when you have lots of time, don’t have much money and are willing to make mistakes.

Your second option — is to read books or take a course on the subject.

Unfortunately there are no books on the subject. If you want to be put on the waiting list for my book, click here.

(we create a form that is powered by infusionsoft that tags them as “interested in the book”)

As far as courses go, the only other course other than mine, I can recommend is Scott Britton’s.

But of course I believe my course is the best. (that’s the reason I began sharing this system.)

I like this option because you get leads faster. You won’t waste time learning by trial and error. You also won’t waste the opportunities when you have them.This is best when you have a limited budget and time to learn it yourself.

Your third option — have someone review your cold email for you.

You can have your co-worker or boss look at your email. You could ask a customer to look at it. Or you could hire someone to do it for you. If you can find someone that can help you, that’s great.

Unfortunately very few people have a mastery level skill at cold emailing.

As far as hiring someone you could hire a copywriter or salesperson. Ideally you are looking for a conversion expert.

When I began, I was hesitant to offer coaching. (I only have so many hours in the day) But, because so many requests have come in from people asking me to look at their cold email and tell them what I think… I relented.

So I created a 1-on-1 coaching service to look at your cold email copy, positioning and strategy.

Since then, we’ve coached hundreds of sellers on how to write effective emails that generate leads. This option is best if you want the fastest results with the least amount of work.

I personally like coaching because no matter where you are in the process, hiring an expert coach will help you get to your objective faster. A good coach will determine where you are, where you want to be and show you the quickest path to get there.

When it matters and you have limited time, that is when you hire a coach.

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