Did they read your email?

Did They Read My Email

Take the stress out of following up…

Here’s a scenario we’re all familiar with: you spend hours crafting the perfect pitch email, click send, and then spend the next 48 hours wondering if they got the email, wondering if they opened it, wondering when (or if) they’ll respond back to you, wondering if she thought your hair looked stupid – wait, what? After a while you start to feel a little bit crazy.

Trust me, you’re not crazy. There’s actually software that (among other things) will do all of that worrying for you, and let you know what the status of your email is with the recipient.

Here’s my 3 favorite email tools:

3 Top Email Management Tools



Followup.cc is a great way to help you manage your follow ups. When you have a business or are in a sales job, you don’t want to be the schmo that never follows up in a timely manner. This is money in your pocket you are just throwing away.

With Followup.cc you simply use your email’s To Field, CC, or BCC (blind carbon copy) to indicate to FollowUp when you want to be notified to follow up and you will get a notification when that arrives along with the email you originally sent. If you use anything other than the BCC field all of the recipients will also get a reminder.

The service works literally on any email service you use, whether it is your own private email server, your company’s server or a free email service like Gmail (which it incorporates beautifully with by the way).

Here is an example of how to use followup.cc:

[quantity][time keyword]@followup.cc

mi = minutes, h = hours, d = days, w = weeks, mo = months, y = years

You can write them out in short form, “h”, or long form, “hours”, it doesn’t matter.

Note: You can also combine them, so you could say 2d6h@followup.cc [which is 2 days 6 hours from now]

There are more ways to use followup.cc such as tagging where you can combine email topics based on the tags. Let’s say you have a big client and you want to keep those emails coordinated, you can tag them with the client name:

Followup.cc also integrates with Salesforce. This is a really cool feature in my book – you can set a reminder on an outgoing email and Followup.cc will create the contact in SalesForce if it doesn’t exist and attach the email to the record as well as set a SalesForce task to follow up based on the reminder you set on the initial email through FollowUp.cc.