LLast October, the CEO of a software company hired us to generate leads for his business.  I can’t share their name – let’s call them Culture Company. Culture had new software they wanted to sell to the big boys: Toyota, Apple, Uber.

Previously, Culture Company was sending out emails that looked horrible, similar to this email I received recently:


Before we get to their email, the company you choose to target often matters just as much as your message. The first step for Culture was to change the companies they targeted. We looked at 20,000 companies and used our system to identify 522 companies that were much more likely to buy. Even if they sent a bad email, if they contacted someone who was interested in buying their product they were more likely to get a response.

Next we made three changes to their outbound strategy-

  1. We used customer interviews, one of the 5 research steps in the Breakthrough Email System to find the exact phrases their buyers would respond to.
  2. We stopped sending generic emails and personalized each email based on the prospects industry, type of business and the titles of the people who were receiving them.
  3. Our team set up automation to send the emails in a 4–part sequence.
I can’t show you their sample email because they are still using them and they don’t want to share the email with competitors. But I can share one of their follow-up emails here since it is one of the 35 emails from our system:


Now you may be wondering, how long do you wait if you don’t hear back from your initial email? I’d recommend waiting one week to reply. From what we’ve found in testing 15,000 emails, the optimal range is 3-8 days. Now most importantly lets look at their results

80% of the Companies Responded

Here are how the numbers broke down.


Out of these 428 responses …

  • 58% provided a referral or accepted the meeting [248]
  • 23% asked for more information [99]
  • 18% were not interested or working with a competitor [81]

What’s most impressive though are the final numbers.

$4,386,000 in Sales!

Now this outbound strategy worked incredibly well for Culture Company, but the results aren’t abnormal for Breakthrough Email Members. As long as your company isn’t selling something that is a total commodity, you can expect a similar response and meeting rates.

If you are interested in implementing a similar strategy for your business, click here to find out more.