Several months ago I was sitting in my office, thinking of companies to partner with. I didn’t want to partner with just any company. Here is the criteria I was looking for:

(1) Their customers would be searching for leads.
(2) Their customers would have a great product.
(3) Their customers could spend $10,000 to $50,000 to improve sales.

One of the companies that came to mind was Hubspot. Hubspot has thousands of customers looking to generate inbound leads. And Hubspot isn’t cheap. A license costs $15k – $20k.

I sent an email to my assistant that I wanted to meet with Hubspot. She did the research, sent the emails and a couple weeks later they invited me to a meeting. A week after that I took a train to Boston, to meet with their head of sales.

Fast forward to today.

Here is what happened when we partnered with Hubspot. Hubspot wrote an article for 3 Proven Follow-Up Email Templates.

We wrote the following three articles on their site:

  1. The Follow-Up Template That Turned 522 Emails Into $4 Million In Revenue
  2. The #1 Mistake We Make When Writing Follow-Up Emails
  3. Your Prospect Completely Stopped Responding? Send This Email

I presented to a few thousand people in a webinar: How To Follow-Up: Proven Strategies and Email Templates. (You can click the link to watch the rebroadcast.)

We created our first infographic: 7 Most Common Follow-Up Mistakes. (Thanks to Alex Champagne at Launch Tower for designing.)

We created a SlideShare of the presentation: How to Follow-Up: Proven Strategies and Email Templates. (25,800 views!)

On top of that, Hubspot emailed their list. They tweeted. They shared it on Linkedin, Google, and Facebook. They had their whole marketing department behind it.

We now have hundreds of people on our waitlist for our future course: The Breakthrough Follow-Up System.

50,000 qualified buyers saw the promotion

That’s 50,000 buyers, all in the market for what we offer, all from one email.

What did we spend on advertising? Nothing. Nada. Zippo.

The only cost was our time to create the content.

How’s that for ROI!

If you want to get people to respond to your emails, personalize them based on who’s reading them. You need to know the strategies, the tactics, and the tools…not just the templates. To learn how to write effectively, you need to learn the Breakthrough Email System.